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Jede Dose Zaehlt – Virtual Reality Game

This project was conceived as a branded content initiative for a marketing campaign from the ice coffee brand EMMI Caffe Latte, and it consisted of two experiences designed to be seen on several road shows for Caffe Latte. One was a rollercoaster ride, and the other a bean catcher.

The Rollercoaster experience had two parts. The first one was a fully real-time rendered VR rollercoaster, in which people could experience the exciting world of Caffe Latte through the twists and turns of a heart-pumping ride designed to reflect the visual style and the identity of the brand. The second part was a stereoscopic 360 video of the same ride in an app that allowed visitors to show the ride to friends at home.

The second experience, the bean catcher, was a game with high scores, where players had to catch beans that were shot towards them while wearing a rim attached to their head. The faster they could move around the “bean court” and the more attention they paid to the speed and sequence of the thrown beans, the more points they made.



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