Challenge: Markus Oberndorfer’s fine art project REVISITED started with his wish to explore  360º VR as a medium by juxtaposing its language, technique, and creative/conceptual process with the two most established media of our time – photography and film. His idea was to use Ed Ruscha’s photo book Every Building on the Sunset Strip (1966) as the starting point of his journey through 50 years due to it being a great example for an exploration of the limits of photography back in the 60s and a medial representation.

Solution: Ruscha created a panorama of the famous Sunset Strip by mounting a 35mm camera on the back of his pick-up truck. Half a century later, Markus Oberndorfer returned to the very street in Los Angeles with the mission to re-enact Ruscha’s performance, not with one, but six cameras on his pick-up truck to add extra dimensions to the so far (in Ruscha’s book) two-dimensional, static visual representation of Sunset Strip. We were in charge of making his project technically possible, keeping in mind some crucial factors such as how to properly compose the footage through six camera lenses simultaneously (each representing one spatial directional axes), while preserving the conceptual unity of his idea. Which was reflecting on the newly-acquired freedom of the viewer to look in all directions of a documented past and become co-producer of the actual final visual frame.

Results: Apart from the REVISITED core media installation the four 360º VR videos have been created for, the project has, over the last three years, lead to a series of additional projects and explorations using the 360° surroundings and source footage for a myriad of purposes, such as static and moving spacetime collages with fixed and moving perspectives, artist books, soundtrack, augmented reality music album covers, amongst other innovative applications.