Location Based Entertainment

The Clown

The Clown @ Prater

The Clown is Austria’s first virtual reality ghost train (Geisterbahn). It was conceived as a commissioned work for the Prater amusement park in Vienna who wished to be the first in Austria to include a virtual reality experience within the context of an amusement park.

At the ride, users sit on a horror-themed wagon, strap on a virtual reality headset along with a set of headphones, and while they’re waiting for the cart to move they meet a virtual clown who runs and jumps around, eagerly waiting to interact with them. The ride starts by entering an indoor railed room. Once inside, users live the gruesome tale of a once-happy family, which unveils itself following the twists and turns of the physical feedback of the wagon.

The Clown combines live action with 3D animation and was produced in four days of shooting in three different locations: a long-gone out-of-service ‘Fleischerei’ (butchers), which still preserved most of the tools and structure of the original meat processing facility, a 130-year-old villa, and a professional film studio.

Running time: 3’20”
Completion date: June 2018